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Logging in to your IEMSA Online Account
Click on the "Log-In Here" button, to log-in to your IEMSA Online Account to:

  • Renew your IEMSA membership
  • Register for an IEMSA Event or Conference
  • Update your mailing address, phone, email, certification number, etc.

how to LOGIN
If you have an account setup online and this is your first time logging in your IEMSA Account:

  • Use the Password Reset option. It will email you a temporary password to the email address you use to login with.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the temporary password that was emailed to you.
  • Then enter your new password twice.

· If NEW to IEMSA, please use the New Visitor Registration to register for the site. It’s important to note—setting up an online Account with us does NOT make you a MEMBER of IEMSA. You need to purchase a membership to be a member of IEMSA—by going to the “Online Store” once logged-in.

How to RENEW, Register for an Event, Update Your information—once you’re logged in to your account:
Paying your Membership RENEWAL Order

  • Click on “My Transactions”
  • Click on "Pay Open Orders”
  • Tick off Next to the Open Order(s) you want to pay
  • Click "Next”
  • Process Payment by credit card

To PRINT any Order you want to by check:

  • Click on “My Transactions”
  • Click on the “ i “ icon – print and mail with check to: IEMSA, 5550 Wild Rose Lane, Ste. 400, West Des Moines, IA 50266

Expired or NEW Members – to become or rejoin IEMSA:

  • Click on “Online Store”
  • Click on the type of membership you’d like to purchase
  • Complete any additional information fields
  • Click “Add to Cart”
  • Click “Check Out”
  • Check Out Screen Options:
    • Assign Billing Address: If your organization is paying for your membership—click on the “Change” Button and select your organization name from the drop-down as the Bill to address. –then click “Submit” at the bottom of that window.
      • Your organizations primary contact (usually the service director) will now see your "Open Order” in the organization’s account. When the primary contact logs-in (as themselves) they can pay by credit card or print your order and pay it by check.
      • It’s important to notify your service director your renewal/purchase is ready to be paid online. You can notify them by adding their email address in the “additional e-mail” field provided.
    • Add an Additional E-mail Address—enter an additional email address in the field provided (and check it off) if you’d like a receipt of this transaction to go to another person.
    • Select Method of Payment – you have two options:
      • “Credit Card” – completing the credit card information and click “Purchase Now”. Your membership is activated immediately.
      • “Mail My Check” –Select this method if you’re paying by check. Then click “Purchase Now”. You will receive a confirmation email. Print that email and mail it with your check to: IEMSA, 5550 Wild Rose Lane, Ste. 400, West Des Moines, IA 50266. It’s important to note—this form of payment will NOT activate your membership—until payment is received in the office and applied to your account.


IEMSA Headlines
The 2024 EMS Memorial Ceremony will be held May 18, 2024. The ceremony will be held at the location of the EMS Memorial at WDM station #19. 2024 EMS Memorial Applications for the 2024 EMS Memorial Ceremony should be submitted by mail. Please print, complete and mail this PDF. The deadline for the 2024 EMS Memorial is April 15, 2024. Get details here.

Join us for the IEMSA Honoring Our Own Ceremony at CCCU/Veterans Memorial in Des Moines, in conjunction with the 34th Annual IEMSA Annual Conference and Trade Show at 10:05 AM on Saturday, November 9, 2024 in the Level 3 Ballroom. If you know of any EMS, Fire, Dispatch, EMS Instructor, or Friend of EMS who made significant contributions to our EMS profession that are no longer with us and should be honored in this ceremony, please contact us by email here.


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