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Cindy Small, Wapello Community Ambulance Service
I would like to nominate Cindy Small as the Career Individual EMS Provider of the year for IEMSA.
Often times the ones that work the hardest behind the scenes to make the rest of the service look good are the ones that deserve the recognition, Cindy is one of those people, if you looked up hard worker in the dictionary, you should find Cindy’s picture, she is one of the hardest working people that I know and she does it for the pride of her community ambulance service and strives to be one of the best services in the state. You will often find Cindy at work before the sun comes up in the morning and her light in her office is still on late at night, she puts in the hours necessary, which is nowhere close to the normal 40 hour work week, to make sure our ambulance service meets all the requirements set forth by the State of Iowa and also ensuring that the service gets reimbursed from insurance companies and Medicare.

Cindy started out as an EMT in 1997 and worked her way through the certifications until she received her Paramedic Certification a few years later. Prior to starting her career as a practicing EMT, Cindy managed the billing and operations of the Wapello Community Ambulance beginning in 1989 in the basement of her home while working full time for the Postal Service. EMS became a family affair for Cindy’s family and still is today. Cindy and her daughter are Paramedics, her husband is an advanced EMT and her son is an EMT all working for the Wapello Community Ambulance, so she takes great pride in knowing that the Wapello Community Ambulance delivers excellent patient care to the residents that they serve.

After leaving her job with the Postal Service she began working full time as a Paramedic and Operations Director for the Wapello Community Ambulance. What started out with a couple of used ambulances and enough equipment to get the service started has flourished under her direction into a service that runs with two late model ambulances, has top notch equipment, and a state of the art facility that is paid for in full due to Cindy's hard work and determination to make the Wapello Community Ambulance on of the best in Southeast Iowa and the entire state of Iowa.

Cindy continues to take call for a minimum of 60 hours per week in addition to running the day to day operations of the service. She also picks up shifts when there are gaps in the schedule to make sure the service has adequate staffing. She sacrifices personal time and time that she could be spending watching her grandkids in sporting events, or working in her yard, or one of her more favorite hobbies, to be sewing or quilting, to ensure that the service is covered and staffed efficiently. She very rarely will tell another provider no when asked if she can cover a shift.

She has served on advisory committees at the local and state level to ensure that rural EMS has a voice in the future of EMS for the providers in her area. With the changes that we have seen in EMS in the past few years, Cindy makes sure that her service is on top of those changes, that we have the very best training and continuing education opportunities to ensure that the members of the Wapello Community Ambulance Service are prepared to respond to any type of emergency.

Without the hard work and determination of Cindy for the past 27 years as a director and a Paramedic for the Wapello Community Ambulance Service, we would not be where we are at today. When the day comes that Cindy retires and turns off her pager for the final time, there will need to be multiple people step in to take her place and to do it as efficiently as she does.

I would put Cindy’s hard work ethic, her skills as a practicing Paramedic, up against anyone in the state of Iowa and would feel confident knowing that I have one of the best Paramedics in the state right here in my home town. I would like to formally nominate Cindy Small as Career EMS Provider of the Year for IEMSA.

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